METRIX PRECISION provides calibration for a wide range of dimensional equipment and tools. Metrix Precision as an extensive scope for Dimensional Measurement and one of the few laboratories in the region which is accredited for CRIMPING TOOL calibration. Covering various functions & calibration capabilities from Length to Height, Flatness to Parallelism, External to Internal, Depth to Angle, Thickness to Bore.


Below is the general list of items calibrated by Metrix Precision;

Bore Gauges
Measuring Tape
Bevel Protractor
 Micrometer Head
Bubble Level Gauge
Micro Indicator
Carpenter Tape
Mu Checker
Circumferential Tape
Optical Flat
Caliper Gauge
Optical Parallel
Coating & Thickness Gauges
Optical Comparator
Caliper Checker
Precision Test Indicator
Carpenter’s Level Gauge
PI Tape
Crimping Tool
Point Internal Micrometer
Dial Test Indicator
Pocket Thickness Gauge
Dial Slider Caliper
Plain Plug Gauges
Dial Indicator
Pin Guages
Dial Calibrator
Plain Ring Gauges
Digimatic Caliper
Parallel Screw Gauges
Depth Caliper
Standard Rods
Depth Gauge
Steel Rule
Depth Micrometer
Stage Micrometer Scale
Depth Micro Checker
Slide Caliper
Digimatic Micrometer
Stick & Tubular Inside Micrometer
Digital Level Gauge
Surface Profile Gauge
Electical Comparator
Spirit Level Gauge
Extension Rods & Anvil
Tank Gauging Tape
External Micrometer
Toolmaker Microscope
Exchangeable Micrometer
Thread Ring Gauges
Feeler Gauge
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Gauge Blocks (Grade 0)
 Universal Length Machine
Glass Scale
Vernier Caliper
Height Settng Micrometer
Vernier Depth Caliper
Internal Jaw Micrometer
Vertical Height Gauge
Vertical Linear Height Gauge
Interchangeable Micrometer